Kristen Brown,   Hoot Design co.

I have been so pleased with Bloom Bookkeeping since I started using Lara's services this year. I have increased my package with her because I see how valuable it is for me and my business.

After reviewing files from last year, she caught multiple costly errors, and has helped us implement systems to make us more profitable. I find her advice and incredible customer service invaluable to Hoot Design Co. and our continued growth.


Amanda Quick,  The Hatchery

As a startup business, Lara has helped me tremendously.  I met her right around the time I was getting my numbers together to go to a bank...and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing!  She met with my husband and I, went over the projected numbers, found some expenses I needed to add, and then went to the bank with me.  I felt so much more comfortable with her there helping answer questions. Numbers are intimidating...Lara is not!